Anne Freitag
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25.07.2022 Celtic Harp Festival Kilkenny, IRL

Concert with Siobhan Armstrong (harp), Reiko Ichise (gamba) & Ryosuke Sakamoto (lute)


29.07.2022 Argenton-sur-creuse, FR

31.07.2022 Champéry, CH

Bach: Brandenburg No 4 & 5

Gli Incogniti (Beyer)

[traverso & recorder)


06.08.2022 Mariensee convent, DE

Bach: Cantata "Herr Christ, der einge Gottessohn"

Corona Harmonica (Katzschke)

[traverso & recorder]

10.-16.10.2022 CD recording

Carl Loewe: Jan Hus

L´arpa festante

[romantic flute]

16.11.2022 Thomaskirche Leipzig, DE

Brahms: Requiem

Leipziger Romantik (Timm)

[romantic flute]

16.12.2022 KKL Luzern, CH

19.12.2022 Theater an der Wien, AT

20.12.2022 Stadtcasino Basel, CH

Bach: Magnificat

Chamber Orchestra Basel (Jacobs)


31.12.2022 Freiberg/Sn, DE

Mozart: Mass in C minor

Dresden Baroque Orchestra

[classical flute]

d i g i t a l

This was some of the most musically sensitive playing that I have heard from any musician on any instrument

Andrew Benson-Wilson

Early Music Review